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Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy
Pregnancy Pamphlet
Pregnancy FAQs

  • La Leche League International is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting breast feeding. Their website has great information, FAQs and links to breastfeeding supply websites.
  • BreastFeeding.com is a commercial site dedicated to breastfeeding. It has excellent resources including videos to help explain techniques.

Cord Blood Banking Information/(Español)
Childbirth/Parenting Classes
High Risk Pregnancies
Nutrition during pregnancy/(Español)
Pre-pregnancy Advice
Routine Prenatal Tests/(Español)

Reliable Medical Websites
Charlton Memorial Hospital Our full-service community hospital where we both operate and deliver all our patients’ babies! Charlton has been continuously caring for patients in Fall River since 1885.

ACOG (American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology) is the national professional organization of OBGYNs. They have patient education pamphlets on a variety of subjects.

American Urogynecologic Society is the national organization for specialists in bladder problems and uterine or vaginal prolapse.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) is a reliable resource for a variety of medical issues that is updated regularly and a good source of current medical issues on a national and international level.

Immunization Information for women, including what is safe in pregnancy. Sponsored by ACOG.

International Urogynecological Association is dedicated to advances in knowledge of urinary and gynecologic diseases, urinary and fecal incontinence, and vaginal prolapse on an international level. They have additional patient information on these common female problems.

March of Dimes is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing birth defects, preterm birth, and infant mortality. Excellent source of pregnancy related information.

MedlinePLUS is a joint effort from the National Institute of Health and the US National Library of Medicine. The site has a health encyclopedia, dictionary, current health news, and is available in 40 different languages including Spanish and Portuguese.

National Cancer Institute has a patient education page on cancer related topics and is the most reliable place to get up-to-date information on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Planned Parenthood has excellent information on birth control options and sexually transmitted infections.

WebMD is a commercial website with patient information on all health topics.

Amniocentesis – A procedure in which a small amount of amniotic fluid and cells are withdrawn from the sac surrounding the fetus and tested.

Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions
Which over the counter medications are safe during pregnancy? 
Tylenol, Robitussin, saline nasal spray, regular strength Sudafed and Benadryl are safe in pregnancy. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) or naproxen (Aleve).

What should I do if I have a sore throat? 
Try gargling with warm salty water, increasing fluids and rest. You may also try Tylenol and any over-the-counter throat lozenges.

What may I use for hemorrhoids? 
You can use Preparation H, Tucks, Anusol, or Dermaplast as needed.

What should I take for heartburn? 
First try Tums or Mylanta. Avoid spicy and greasy foods. Talk with your provider if symptoms persist.

What should I do if I am constipated? 
Increase non-caffeinated fluids and fiber (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dried fruit, prunes). Avoid constipating foods (cheese, bananas, rice and applesauce). If dietary measures do not help, you may add fiber supplements such as metamucil or fibercon. You may also try colace stool softener up to twice a day, milk of magnesia or sennakot.

What can the dentist do/use when I am pregnant? 
Almost all dental work is safe in pregnancy. If you need an x-ray, tell the dentist and technician that you are pregnant and make sure they cover your abdomen with lead shields. If dental work is necessary, the dentist may use xylocaine without epinephrine for anesthesia. Penicillins and erythromycin are safe antibiotics in pregnancy. Most pain medications are safe in pregnancy with the exception of Motrin. If the dentist has questions, please have them call our office.

What foods should I avoid in pregnancy? 
Certain fish containing higher levels of mercury (tuna, swordfish) should be limited to two servings per week. Caffeine should be limited to one serving per day. Soft cheese (unpasturized) should be avoided. Raw fish and deli meats should be avoided also.

Can I dye my hair? 
There is no data that associates hair dye with birth defects. Your hair may not respond in the usual fashion when treated with chemicals.

Can I exercise? 
Exercise (walking, swimming, yoga) is a good idea in pregnancy. Make sure you drink plenty of water and stop if you get lightheaded or uncomfortable. Avoid exercising on your back. Be aware that you are at increased risk of joint injury because of the hormonal effects of pregnancy on your ligaments.

Is it safe to have sex? 
Sex is safe in most pregnancies. Your provider will tell you if you should avoid sex for any reason.

Signs and Symptoms to Never Ignore
  • Severe or persistent abdominal or pelvic pain
  • Menstrual cramping that is not resolved with hydration and rest
  • Vaginal bleeding that is similar to a period. While spotting is generally not serious, you should contact your provider if this is persistent
  • Leaking of watery fluid from vagina
  • Pelvic pressure, back pain or cramping before 37 weeks
  • Painful urination or little urination
  • Severe persistent vomiting or diarrhea that lasts more that 24 hours
  • Persistent fever of more than 101°F that is not resolving with Tylenol
  • Persistent visual disturbances: black or white spots, seeing stars, bluriness, or loss of vision
  • Severe head pain not resolved with Tylenol
  • Swelling that is not improving while resting with your feet raised up
  • Persistent severe leg or calf pain
  • Decrease in fetal movement
  • Trauma to the abdomen
  • Fainting


Childbirth Classes
Southcoast offers a variety of childbirth classes to suit every new family’s needs. Preregistration is required for all classes. Please call during the 16th week (10 to 12 weeks for multiples) of pregnancy to assure placement in the class you need. Not all classes are offered at all locations. Many health insurance companies cover the cost of classes. Be sure to contact yours to ask about coverage. Call the following numbers for information on classes offered at each location.
Charlton: 508-679-7308
St. Luke’s & Center for Women’s Health: 508-961-5445

Birthing Boot Camp 
Charlton Memorial Hospital

Vouchers for lunch provided. Includes newborn care, a hospital tour and car seat safety.
Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$125/mother and companion Call
Gina Kiser at 508-679-7308.

St. Luke’s Hospital, White Home Living Room
Includes meals, infant care and car seat safety.
Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
$125/mom and support person
Call Patty Bernardino at 508-961-5445.

Childbirth Classes for Young Parents
Charlton Memorial Hospital
A 5-week series scheduled to meet due date needs. Classes include a hospital tour, infant care and car seat safety.
$50/mother and companion, if affordable
Call Gina Kiser at 508-679-7308.

St. Luke’s Hospital, Knowles Auditorium
A 4-week series scheduled to meet due date needs. Classes include a hospital tour, infant care and car seat safety.
$50/mother and companion
Call Patty Bernardino at 508-961-5445.

Prepared Cesarean
Learn everything you need to know about a scheduled cesarean birth.
Charlton Memorial Hospital
Scheduled according to due date needs. Includes newborn care, car seat safety and tour of Family Centered Unit.
$65/mother and companion
Call Gina Kiser at 508-679-7308.

St. Luke’s Hospital
Scheduled according to due date needs. Includes infant care, car seat safety and tour of labor, delivery and postpartum care.
$65/mother and companion
Call Patty Bernardino at 508-961-5445.

Refresher Childbirth Class
Charlton Memorial Hospital
Scheduled according to due date needs. Includes a hospital tour, infant care and car seat safety. $65/mother and companion.
Call Gina Kiser at 508-679-7308.

High Risk Pregnancies
A pregnancy is considered high risk if the mother has certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, lupus, thyroid disease, obesity, infertility, heart disease, or kidney disease. Women with certain problems in previous pregnancies are also considered high risk. For example, problems such as preterm delivery, preeclampsia, eclampsia (pregnancy-related seizures), or fetal death, are considered high risk. In most cases, Truesdale OBGYN is the perfect place for these patients to come for prenatal care. In a few cases, we obtain consultation or transfer care to specialists at Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island.
Pre-pregnancy Advice
While over 50% of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, planning your pregnancy always makes things a little easier. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Ideally, start a folic acid supplement (0.4 mg) 6wks before attempting to get pregnant, this ensures folic acid levels are built up in your body before conception and prevents spinal cord defects in your baby.
  • Make sure your vaccines are up to date–check with your primary care doctor or our office.
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco, or drugs when you are trying–they can affect fertility and the development of your baby.
  • Schedule an appointment to see us for a pre-pregnancy visit.
  • See the ACOG preconception pamphlet/(Español)


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